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Free Pink and Red Roses Centerpiece Near Silverwares Stock PhotoPhoto by Edward Eyer from Pexels

What’s your favourite memory of Valentine’s Day?

As the day gets closer, the air is starting to be filled with love and affection. Places where people frequent would be adorned with lovely flowers and heart displays, grand or simple gestures of love are being planned, gifts are being bought, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

However, there’s a stereotype that giving flowers is for women only and that it’s a day focused on couples. Valentine’s Day is a day for everyone, it is a day to celebrate all forms of love. Flowers are not gender-specific. Therefore, anyone important in our lives deserves to receive flowers.

Aside from the fact that you love them, there are other reasons why giving them flowers is also a nice idea:

  1. Just like what it does to women, men can also benefit from the mood-lifting effect of flowers.
  2. It's a simple yet thoughtful and unpredictable gesture to express your feelings for them.

So here’s 5 of the best flower arrangement choices we have at Lucy’s Florist that he may appreciate greatly. Just remember to consider other factors such as his preferences, personality, and style when deciding which flowers to get! 😉


Modern Nature

This is part of our new "Modern" range and features a beautiful range of fresh flowers and natural colours. It includes: White Roses, Disbud Chrysanthemums, Oriental Lilies, Pineapple Lilies and Kale (subject to season), and Seasonal foliage.

Get it here.


Divine Roses

Red roses are a popular choice. They are undeniably elegant and classy. Our Divine Roses are enclosed in a ceramic vase, simple yet stunning, that adds to the overall look. Truly, this floral arrangement is designed to impress. This includes: premium long stem red roses,
matched with seasonal foliage and twisted dodder vine, and a tall ceramic vase.

Get it here.


Terrarium Greenhouse Ecosystem

What if your partner likes plants or something they can take care of and feel accomplished about? Our Terrarium Greenhouse Ecosystem is the perfect choice for you. Its terrarium soil is highly specialised for this as it contains correct pH levels, balanced nutrients, and components for draining and water retention through capillary action. This maintains a high-quality ecosystem that will establish over time, thrive, and age.

Know more about it here.



Is he into art? Does he love Pablo Picasso? If yes is your answer to one or two of the questions, then our Picasso is the choice you have to go with! This is part of our Signature Artistic Collection featuring Anthuriums, Aranda Orchids, Oriental Lilies, and Exotic seasonal foliage.

Get it here.


Roman Holiday Red Roses

If you’re kind of feeling hesitant about this gesture, how about an arrangement as simple as this, but still elegant enough to make an impact? This is one of our best sellers. You can choose from regular length or long stem large red roses, and upgrade to 20 stems.

Get it here.

To conclude, love knows no gender and Valentine’s Day is indeed a wonderful opportunity to express your love and appreciation for your person or people. Remember that it’s best to plan ahead, and we suggest to pre-order as early as you can as it can get busy as the day draws closer.

Happy Valentine's Day! 🌹❤️

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