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Photo by Pavel Danilyuk


When choosing flowers, especially for the departed, it’s essential to know what those flowers really mean. You wouldn’t want to send flowers that don’t really tell what you feel or what you want to say to the recipient. 

While funeral flowers send a general message of sympathy, individual types communicate different meanings. So if you want to be more personal, learn the meanings of the top 5 popular sympathy flowers and make the right decision. 



Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

This beautiful flower means an everlasting love for the departed. Its sophisticated presence is loved by everyone and can easily catch anyone’s attention. It is also one of the popular sympathy flowers because it lasts longer than most. When expressing your condolences, send a pink or white orchid.


Photo by Free Birthday Images from Pexels

The meaning of this flower varies globally and depending on their colour. In some countries, it is often used to express support or encouragement to get well soon, and in some, it is reserved for mourning and grief.


Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

This popular flower is appropriate for a funeral, its different colours have different meanings. White roses represent spirituality, purity, and innocence.


Photo by Naae Studio from Pexels

This fragrant flower is popular in funerals as it symbolizes love, passion, innocence, virtue, and purity. It also represents the soul of the departed is now at peace.


Photo by Lena Dorofeeva from Pexels

This flower is commonly included in funeral wreaths and standees. Carnations symbolize different meanings depending on their colours. Pink carnation represents love and gratitude, white signifies healing, strength, and innocence, and red carnations convey affection and longing.

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