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Did you know Valentine’s day isn’t just a day invented by greeting card companies? Back in the 18th Century, the day was introduced by King Charles II of Sweden as an occasion for lovers to express their love by sending cards (known as ‘valentines’).

But what does V-day mean for modern times? Discover the meaning behind common Valentine’s Day bouquets, and what kind of romantic you are, by reading our short guide below!

A Single Rose

If you’re a secret admirer, on a budget, or the relationship is new and you don’t want to be forward, the single stem rose is for you. It symbolises a simple, uncomplicated confession of affection saying ‘I like you’ or, if it’s many years later ‘you are still the one’.

Recommended: Lucy’s ‘My Fair Lady’ single rose stems to tell your crush ‘I <3 U’.

Red Roses

This classic Valentine’s Day gift is the most popular choice for new lovers. Red roses symbolise love, romance, passion and lust. So, if you’re in a whirlwind relationship or you like to say ‘I love you’ in a traditional, romantic fashion – this is the bunch for you.

Recommended: You won’t go wrong with our ‘Ravishing Rose Box’ or our ‘Roman Holiday’ bouquet.

Feature Flower Arrangements

Lush red roses paired with orchids and daisies show you have an eye for the visually spectacular, and you like to be dramatic in your affection. If you want to show you’re head over heels in love with your significant other, a vibrant bouquet of contrasting colours will do.

Recommended: See ‘Cinderella‘, ‘Love Me Sweet’ or ‘Rainbow Roses’ to express and impress!

Pink Roses

Do you like to be different? Or maybe you just want to be a Valentine to your mum. Pink roses symbolise feelings of appreciation, gratitude, grace and happiness.

Recommended: Our ‘Mamma Mia’ bouquet is a simple way to say ‘I love you’.

‘I Love You 4 Eva’ Extravaganza

If you can you never play it safe when it comes to love, you might be the kind that enjoys showering your loved one with teddy bears, balloons, sweets AND flowers.

Recommended: The ‘Love Me True’ bouquet will go perfectly with our Dolci Doro Chocolate Hearts and ‘I Love You’ balloons on a stick.

So, there you have it! What kind of romantic are you? Simple and sweet or wild and passionate? At Lucy’s Florist we have it all.

Check out our 2017 range of Valentine’s Day flowers here and, whatever you do, don’t forget Valentine’s Day on February 14!

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