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It's been all over Pinterest since 2017. Beautiful lush flower garlands at weddings, graduations, baby showers and all kinds of events. Here we've collected some of our favourite arrangements and types of garlands decor for you to gain inspriration from. Comment below ad tell us which ones are your favourite!  

Eucalyptus Garlands

eucalyptus garland


This is a gorgeous one to try to DIY as the native eucalyptus leaves last a long time, even as it dries.

Waterfall Garlands

waterfall garland

Image: The Wedding Scoop

We love this delicate wall hanging for many different occasions. Great as a photo backdrop or even just as a wall decoration if you change out real flowers for paper decorations.  

 Flower-Heavy Table Arrangements

table garland


A classic for wedding receptions and destination weddings. We love a lush table arrangement for events. 

Dreamcatchers X Garlands



A gorgeous idea for a baby shower! Dreamcatcher garlands look beautiful and are so easy to make! 

Staircase Garlands

staircase flower garland

Another classic for weddings and receptions. This one from is simply stunning!

Wall Drapes

wall hangings


By far the most popular wedding trend for 2019 and so easy if you have the right tools and an artistic eye! We love this idea of lush garlands dropping down from the ceiling. 

Which garland is your favourite? Hashtag #lucysflorist if you want to share your garlands with us from your latest event or wedding reception. 

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