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Spring is finally here and with it comes weddings and events that can surely use a little injection of springtime flowers to brighten the day. So in this blog we're going over how to create a simple flower crown to wear at a festival, a wedding or just a regular if you fancy. Follow these quick steps and give it a go! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you try this and let us see your results!

flower crown

Credit: Moon In Flora

What you'll need:

  • Thin, bendable wire or twine - this will act as the base of the crown
  • Flowers and greenery
  • Craft wire and or floral tape (this will be used to secure down the flowers to your crown)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Measure Your Wire

Shape your wire or twine around your head and determine how big you want your crown to be. Leave 2cm of extra wire for space. Make sure you take into account how your hair will be shaped at the event (if you're wearing it for an event) and how you want the crown to fit your head. 

flower crown

Credit: Zedhead

Step 2: Add Greenery

Great greenery options include Myrtle or Leather Fern for a delicate look. For a bolder statement try Ivy or Eucalyptus leaves. Wrap the stems around the wire and affix with floral tape.

flower crown

Credit: Style Me Pretty

Step 3: Add Flower Bunches

Create bunches of flowers by wrapping three stems together using floral tape. We recommend one larger flower with two smaller flower varieties.

Once you've created five or so flower bunches, begin to wrap the bunches around the crown. Use the flower tape or craft wire and make sure the stems are secure and position the flowers to face outwards wherever possible.

flower crown

Credit: Hello May

Step 5: Store Your Crown  

Voila! Until you're ready to wear your crown, make sure to store it in the fridge to keep the flowers fresh. 

We hope you enjoy testing this out. Let us know how you go! #lucysflorist to show us you flower crowns. Enjoy! 

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