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We're continuing our exploration of flowers around the world! If you'd like to see part one and part two of this virtual exploration - please check out our blogs, 'Flowers From Around the World Part 1' 'Flowers From Around the World Part 2'. We personally love seeing different type of common flowers in unique and unusual settings from across the world. If you do too, comment down below which country you'd like to visit one day and what flowers you'd like to see there!

Arizona, USA - Saguaro Flowers


The mighty saguaro cactus produces some gorgeous trumpet like blooms every year around springtime n the Arizona Sonoran desert. 

Alaska, USA - Nootka Lupine

flowers in alaska

A perennial plant native to North America, the Nootka Lupine grows up to a meter tall and loves to reside near roadsides and open banks.

Marbella, Spain - Bougainvillea

flowers in spain


Bright pink and vibrant in colour, Bougainvillea can often be found in the temperate conditions of Costa Blanca Spain where it grows year round. 

Namaqualand, South Africa - Wildflowers

flowers in africa

Every year during South Africa's spring time a rainbow of wildflowers spanning 600 miles of coastal desert and several National Parks puts on a show throughout South Africa's western coast. 

Marina Bay District, Singapore 

flowers in singapore

Not strictly a naturally occurring phenomenon, nevertheless, Singapore is known for some of the most beautiful nature installations of any city in the world. The small island uses its tropical climate to its advantage and is actually known as The Garden City.



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