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This is part two of our virtual exploration of the world's flowers - if you'd like to see part one of this blog series check out our other blog 'Flowers From Around the World Pt 1'. 

South Africa - Protea


Available in a multitude of different colours and artichoke-like shapes, protea's are considered to be one of the oldest flowering plants on the planet, however, nearly half of South'Africa's protea flowering plants are currently facing extinction. 

Russia - Chamomile 

Image: Russia.trek

The national flower of Russia, this soothing flower has been used as an essential herbal remedy in Europe for centuries. In Russia, it is common to see the proliferate daisies amongst fields and coniferous trees.

Bear’s Breech – Greece

flowers in greece


Also known as sea holly, sea dock and bear's foot plant, this ornate flower has been used in Greek and Roman architecture throughout the centuries. The towering foliage is most frequently seen carved into column stonework or in Greek artwork.

France - Iris


The Iris - also called fleur-de-lis has been the country's insignia and national emblem since the 12th century. Available in more than 200 different colours, this Iris flower field is named Iriseraie de Papon, just outside of the village of Laplume in south-western France.

Pacific Dogwood – British Columbia

The province's official flower - the dogwood tree on which the flower blooms is known to only grow in British Columbia’s southwest corner, in both Victoria and Vancouver Island.

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