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Smiling Woman Smelling Fragrant Flowers

Photo by Paige Thompson from Pexels

Flowers can effortlessly evoke emotions, memories, and simply brighten up a person’s day. In addition to these wonderful characteristics, flowers can also be fragrant. If you’re wondering what good-smelling flowers you should look for in bouquets, we’ve made a list that you can refer to in the future.

Their striking beauty and fragrance are perfect for any occasion. Be sure to bookmark this page! 


Bloom #1: ROSE

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Without a doubt, rose will be on top of our list. They are known for their sweet, floral aroma. Surely, you have come across perfumes with pleasant aromatic notes of roses, or maybe essential oils.


Bloom #2: LAVENDER

Photo by Joyce Toh from Pexels

Also a popular choice when it comes to fragrant flowers - lavender. They are well known for their therapeutic effects. Often used for aromatherapy and natural wellness products such as candles, soaps, massage oils, lotions, etc.


Bloom #3: ORIENTAL LILY “Stargazer”
Photo by Cindy Gustafson

There are many kinds of oriental lilies, but the stargazer is the most popular for its strongly fragrant smell. They have large, striking blooms, and they are a good choice for cut flowers as they are long-lasting. Their fragrance can be described as rich, sweet, and exotic. Often used for scented candles and home fragrance products.


Bloom #4 SWEET PEA

Photo by Petr Ganaj

An annual climbing flower that is small but has a strong enchanting fragrance - often described as fresh and floral. You can also see them being used in perfumery and personal care products.



Photo by Larissa Farber

This flower blooms in different colours like purple, pink, blue, and yellow. Their fragrance can be described as bold, sweet and floral. If you love, or you know someone who loves, fresh and spring-like scent, this one is a good choice.



Photo by Ivan Samkov

This flower is known as the harbinger of spring and a common choice for Easter. There are many varieties of this bloom, and although not commonly cultivated for their fragrance, Actaea, Baby Moon, and Canaliculatus are the best choices if you want a fragrant kind.


Bloom #7 PEONY

Photo by Rebecca

Did you know that this bloom is easy to care for and can thrive for decades? But as a cut flower, they have a vase life of 5-10 days, depending on how you look after them. If you love peonies, take note that the most fragrant are the double, white and pink varieties. Their fragrance can be like that of roses or lilies – sweet and floral.

These flowers are great for any occasion, and can be seen in different arrangements. Don’t forget to share this list with your circle. Bookmark for your future reference as well. 😉

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