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It's been a tough couple of years for bees in Australia, with the 2019 bushfires and 2020 wet summer washing nectar and pollen off the flowers. During winter, bees will only forage if the temperature gets to 18 degrees plus and even then stay close to home to conserve their energy. However, spring is ahead and the bees - honey and native - need some help from your garden. 

Plant Tons of Flowers 

In general, the best thing gardeners can do for bees at the moment is plant flowers in your garden. Four or more is best as bees like people thrive on a variety of different food sources.

Make them Blue or Purplish



Studies show that bees prefer blue or purple coloured flowers. This is likely because their photoreceptors are sensitive to ultraviolet, green and blue wavelengths.

Blue Flowers that Bloom Year Round

French and Spanish lavender is a perennial that does well in the Sydney area and attracts bees even during cooler winter months. 



Cut leaf daisies (Brachysomes) are another perennial that comes in blue-ish purple varieties.

sageImage: The Spruce 

Lastly, sage (Salvia officinalis) not only does it provide some tasty herbs to use in your kitchen it's large flower spikes appear year-round, especially if the old ones are removed as they fade. It's a perennial flower as well in all but the coldest of climates. 

Interested in other ways you can help the bees? Check out our article 'How to Attract More Bee's to Your Garden'

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