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It's no secret that winter is a tough time for everyone - flowers included. Wintertime increases the changes in weather and with it, the ability for some delicate flowers to stay strong after a day or two. How to prevent this? It's all in how you select your flowers and caring for them once you bring them home. 

Tips for Choosing Fresh Flowers

  1. Check the stems. Stems should be green and smooth not soft and slimy - don't choose those flowers.
  2. Similarly, check the leaves of the flowers - make sure they're healthy and not wilting.
  3. Always choose flowers with buds just about to open - rather than bloomed - this ensures the flowers are at their freshest.
  4. And on a similar note, don't choose a bouquet with brown or easily falling petals.

Image: Readers Digest

Caring For Cut Flowers In Winter

  1. Keep flowers away from heat sources e.g. radiators and heaters.
  2. Winter air can be particularly dry - if your flower is tropical placing it near a humidifier or even misting the flower can help it last a little longer. 
  3. Otherwise, it's particularly important to conduct normal cut flower maintenance in winter if you want them to last - that means: trimming the stems, feeding them flower food and replacing the water every two days.  See our blog Tips For Making Cut Flowers Last Longer'.

Image: Readers Digest

We hope that helped you select and maintain your flowers this wintertime. Got any specific qs? Message us in the comments and we'll get back to you with some expert advice.

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