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Phew! It's getting hot outside! Need a refresher on how to look after your indoor and outdoor container plants? Have a read over our five best tips for indoor and outdoor plant care during the Australian summer time.

Avoid Full Sun

No matter what time of day you choose to water your plants, avoid doing it when the sun is out and shinning on them. This is simply because if you water in full sun, much of the water will evaporate before reaching the deeper layers of the soil. 

Water All Layers Of The Soil

When you water, make sure you're watering deeply the soil around the root zone. Don't water shallowly, as that causes light rooting which makes your plants less likely to survive the Australian summers. Watering thoroughly, less often, is much more preferable to watering shallowly and frequently. 

Don't Let Soil Completely Dry Out

If you let soil completely dry out before watering it stresses the plant and makes it harder to soak the soil thoroughly. Soil that is completely dry also kills off thriving organic matter that may be living in your soil and helping fertilise the plant. 

Water Early In The Morning Or Late Afternoon

Watering early in the morning is best as the water doesn't evaporate too quickly and the plants can draw on the water throughout the day. Watering in late afternoon or evening is the second best option, however, make sure there is enough daylight to allow water to evaporate from plant leaves to prevent mildew and fungus problems.  

Indoor vs Outdoor Care

Indoor plants are usually tropical in nature and require less watering than outdoor plants as they are exposed to less light. Water indoor plants once a week but do mist them frequently.

Outdoor plants may require more water depending on their sun exposure. Sticking your finger 2cm to see if it's dry is a great way to see if more water is needed. Additionally, if your plant is wilting, it's definitely time to water thoroughly. 

We hoped this guide helped or gave you a refresher for how to water your plants in time for the summer. Let us know how you get on by tagging us on social media #lucysflorist. 

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