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There's been a new flower created and named after the lovely Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex! The flower, a pink-purple clematis flower now known as the 'clematis Meghan' is gorgeous and flowers only twice a year in late spring and early summer. Appropriately, the flowers early spring blooming date coincides with Meghan and Harry's wedding anniversary. 

 clematis meghan

The Royal Horticultural Society states of clematis Meghan, "The flowers are a rich and opulent magenta-purple, so they will really make an impact when planted in borders or larger pots.”

The tradition of naming flowers after royals goes back centuries and is certainly not new. In addition to Meghan's flower, Kate Middleton's third born child, Prince Louis, had the 'violet clematis Prince Louis' named after him. 

Image from Country Living Magazine

Want to see this gorgeous new flower up close? You'll have to wait till the Royal Horticultural Society's upcoming 2019 Chelsea Flower Show in spring, where it will be debuted. Kate Middleton, Meghan's sister in law is planning a showpiece garden at the annual display in May, teaming up with designers Andrée Davies and Adam White. 

Image from Getty Images

Congratulations to Meghan on her new flower and upcoming new bub, who is said to be due in late spring, around the same time the flower booms (aw).

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