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We surveyed each and every staff member at Lucy’s and it’s official - the humble tulip flower is top five of everyone’s ‘favourite flower’ list. Similarly, 'Hello Dolly' our tulip bouquet for spring time, is one of our all time best sellers.

It seems the Australian public and florists alike love tulips, but why is the flower so popular? What is it about tulips that draw us in?

A Rich History

It turns out that tulips have always been the people’s flower. Botanists in the Ottoman Empire adored them and cultivated wild varieties. Similarly, the Sultan enjoyed tulips in his turban and costume and to this day, tulips are Turkey’s national flower - the word ‘tulip’ meaning ‘turban’ in Turkish.

In the 17th century, tulips migrated over to Europe. Europeans, and particularly the Dutch, cultivated many varieties you commonly see today. In fact, the Dutch were so enamoured with the flower, a phenomenon dubbed ‘tulip mania’ arose, whereby tulips prices skyrocketed and the tulip market soared and crashed in the world’s first economic bubble. Made popular in Nordic paintings and festivals, tulips have continued to feed the public imagination ever since.

Allergy Friendly

Tulips produce very little pollen which makes them perfect for allergy sufferers in spring. Read our blog: ‘How to Choose Hayfever Friendly Flowers for Spring’ for an understanding of how tulips can help out sniffly friends this season.

The Embodiment of Spring

Because tulip bulbs flower this time of year, tulips are considered a welcome harbinger of spring. Indeed, the European tradition of tulip festivals migrated over to Australia in the 1970s, and many of us since have had wonderful nostalgic memories of visiting beautiful tulip festivals, such as Floriade, around this time of year. For a lot of Australians, tulips call to mind happy spring outings in the sunshine. 

They Are Just Beautiful!

It might because the tulip goes from a small bud to a beautiful, colourful bloom overnight. Or because the smooth calyx and silky petals contain a peaceful stillness. However, whatever the reason, tulip flowers are incredibly beautiful and joyous to look at. They’re also unpretentious and simple. That’s why we predict tulips will continue to be a crowd pleaser for many years to come.

What’s your favourite flower? Does the tulip make to top five? Comment below and let us know.


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