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We're thrilled to see that Native Flowers have undergone a renaissance for the last few years and are now trending for 2019-2020.

Vibrant yet understated, sturdy yet delicate - native flowers are an enigma that makes them aesthetically complex and a treat for the eye. If you're interested to see our favourite native flowers, check out our blog 'Our Favourite Native Flowers for Australia Day'. Otherwise, here's a few reasons why you should shop local and purchase Native Flowers for 2020. 

Native Flowers Last Longer

streeton bouquet

Did you know native blooms can easily last up to six weeks with no water? That's because they're built for the hot Australian climate. This makes them great vase decorations as they bring joy for that much longer.   

Native Flowers Provide Boho-Chic, Vintage Inspiration

 native australian flowers

Image: Polka Dot Bride

These flowers have an incredibly unique, rustic look that catches the eye. Great for rustic, free-spirit weddings, the flowers can also be dressed up to create a delicate arrangement that's perfect for a traditional wedding as well.  

Demand For Native Flowers Can Help Boost the Australian Economy

Tasmanian wildflowers

Images: Tatters, Flicker

Many cut flowers are shopped from other countries such as Kenya, Columbia and Ecuador. Shop Australian Native Flowers to create demand for our local flowers and reinvigorate local growers.

Do you love Australian Native Flowers? What are your favourite kinds? If you're interested in shopping Native Flower bouquets, we have a range of year-round favourites in our Native Flowers catalogue we think you'll love.  

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