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Interested in starting your own flower garden for the new year? We have a comprehensive blog all about 'Expert Tips On Planting Flowers In The Garden' but aside from that, which flowers should you pick? In this blog, we talk about the easiest flowers to grow from seed - just in case you're ready to give your garden beds some beautiful nature ❤️



First on the list are marigolds, a sturdy old-fashioned favourite, these are annuals are virtually indestructible survive and can survive extreme heat and dry spells which is great for the Australian climate. They can reach a max of two feet and come in rich oranges, whites and yellows. They require full sun. 


catnip flowers

Another flower that requires full sun, these hardy perennials have a spicy, minty scent and purple-blue flowers that are best planted in midsummer. Catmint is also great for pollinators such as bees - they love it.  


nasturtium flowers

These annual flowers are easy to pant, just soak the seeds overnight and by late summer you'll have pretty nasturtium flowers in colours of red, orange, pink and yellow.


viola flowers

Adorable with tiny cute faces, these flowers are annuals but they drop tones of seeds and often bloom both in winter and during springtime. They require full sun. 



Begonia's are seriously low maintenance annuals in shades of red, white, pink and orange. They require mostly shade and can survive in pots and flowers beds. They don't require deadheading (pinching the older blooms).

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