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According to the ABC, native flower growers are struggling to keep up with demand for cut wildflowers! 

Our guess is after decades of importing fresh flowers from overseas, brides-to-be are looking for fresh flower arrangements that are natural and wholly unique. Here are just a few of the Australian wildflowers currently trending for summer and 2019 ahead.

Gumnuts & Gum Blossoms


Gumnuts and gum blossoms make for beautiful greenery that's architectural and can be shaped for lapels, bouquets and table arrangements.



Large, architectural and dramatically different, Proteas are an amazing statement within any bouquet.

Everlasting Daisies

everlasting daisy

Also known as 'straw flowers' because of their hardy texture, these button-like daisies work beautifully as filler flowers and boutonnière.

Billy Buttons

billy button

So bright and festive, it's no wonder brides across the world are demanding this bright yellow pompom-like flower!


Amazing for lending an authentic Australian look to any bouquet, Banksias are a great attention-grabber. 



Waratahs make a gorgeous bright centrepiece within any bouquet. 

Kangaroo Paw

kangaroo paw

An amazing addition to a bouquet's greenery, the red, elongated kangaroo paw is perfect for lapels and flower crowns. 

All images from of Pinterest.

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