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It's International Women's Day coming up on March 8! Last year we discussed our favourite purple flowers to celebrate the day with (purple is the colour of IWD after all).
This year we want to show you how you can celebrate IWD all year round by planting these Australian purple flowering varietals in your backyard. Not sure how to plant garden flowers - check out our blog 'Expert Tips On Planting Flowers In Your Garden'.



The Brunfelsia 'Sweet & Petite' variety is both sweet and small living up to it's name.  Great for a decorative low-lying hedge, this plant prefers full sun and lots of water to get the flowers sprouting.



The common and humble Agapanthus is a stable in Australian households for good reason. It's pretty with rich purple petals and doesn't mind being in full sun for most of the day. Remember to plant them in richly fertile soil as the agapanthus loves organic matter.

Brachyscome Mauve

Brachyscome Mauve

Another household favourite, this low spreading perennial flower is a hardy native and provides great ground cover. Sun loving plants great for the Australia climate - what's not to love! 


Boronias come in all different shades of purple. Preferring dappled sunlight, Boronoia's have a wonderful, lemony fragrance that make them a delight to have in the garden. Boronia Serrulata and Boronia Parviflora provide some of the most vibrant shades of purple.

There you have it! Do you love the different shades of purple? What will you be doing this Sunday on International Women's Day? Planting flowers? Let us know in the comments below!

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